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Color Curate October 2017 Bag


4.57142857143 5 reviews

Product Description


Bag Contains :

  • Eco-Chic Makeup Bag (worth $12)
  • Jelly Pong Pong - Eye Smolder in "Deeds" (worth $24)
  • So Susan Cosmetics - Universal Blush (worth $28)
  • Trifle Cosmetics - Cream Bar in "Jam Smear"  (worth $21)
  • Elements of Aliel - Love Cleanser (worth $15)

  • Bag Value : $100

    100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals)

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    4.57142857143 5 reviews

    Customer Reviews

    Michelle R. - 02/02/2018

    Love the lip crayons!

    Another lip crayon that is great! It was bordering on too brown for me but I gave it a try and it still works for a winter lip color! The smell, the glide, the staying power...perfection! The eye smolder goes on very smoothly as well. Love the neutral color. I haven't given the blush a try yet but I'm interested in it! I do tend to prefer cream applications though. Now the love Cleanser...this was technically a 'freebie' but mine came unsealed and it's completely liquid which makes me very weary of trying it:/

    Esther M. - 12/22/2017

    Almost perfect!

    This was a really good bag! I actually did like the bag itself with the text and all, the only problem is that my bag came defective and it was not properly sewn and its not something that can be fixed (believe me, I can sew and I couldn't fix it) so that was disappointing. The cleanser its a bit weird but has yet to be tried properly to have a more deff answer on that, so far the texture and smell are not my fav. The blush is wonderful, great shade. The eye smolder was my favorite and I am always a sucker for metallic eye crayons. The lip crayon its very very dark but works quite well for my skin color, although there will be a group that will be too much for them if they are very pink white, these type of color might have to be used lightly.

    DORA B. - 11/14/2017


    The bag and products are true to the word.

    andrea b. - 11/15/2017

    October 2017 Bag

    There are a few items in this bag I didn't like the first one was the Love Cleanser. I didn't like that product at all & to me it had a funny smell too! I also didn't care for the Cream Bar in "Jam Smear", but that is only because the color isn't for me! I loved the rest of the products. I have used the Universal Blush several times already since getting this bag!

    Angela F. - 11/15/2017

    October 2017 Bag

    I love everything in my bag as usual!!

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