Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 : What Is Color Curate?

A1 : Color Curate is a monthly subscription program. Once you subscribe, you will receive a bag filled with beauty goodies in your post every month.

Q2 : How Much Does Color Curate Cost?

A2 : $20.95 per month with FREE US Shipping. International shipping outside of USA $9.95

Q3 : If I Like The Look Of Your Past Bags. Are They Still Available For Purchase?

A3 : Yes, you can purchase them in the Color Curate Store here. Prices will be different from the subscription program.

Q4 : What Does Each Bag Contain?

A4 : Each bag contains 1 Limited-Edition Print Makeup Bag + 4 Beauty Products.

Q5 : When Are Payments Taken Out Each Month?

A5 : All payments are taken out on the 2nd-3rd of each subsequent month.

Q6 : When Are Bags Shipped?

A6 : Bags are despatched by the 5th of each month.

Q7 : Can I Preview The Bags?

A7 : Yes, we release previews via our Social Channels ( Facebook & Instagram ), and via our Newsletter . We try to inject a little element of surprise and delight each month, and may not release full previews of every single item. Bonus items are available only while stock lasts. After this, we may replace them with similar products.

Q8 : Do I have to re-subscribe each month to receive my Color Curate bag?

A8 : Once you subscribe to Color Curate and are billed for your first bag, you will automatically be set on a monthly recurring payment schedule. If you subscribe to our multiple-month plans (which offer you more savings than just a monthly plan), you will be billed immediately for those months and receive your bags once a month. Your subscription will renew automatically after 3 or 6 months for the same multiple-month plan unless you cancel the account before the renewal date arrives.

Q9 : I Won't Have Enough Funds Next Month, Can I Skip A Month?

A9 : Yes, you may Skip the month (and the bill!) by logging into your Account > Edit Your Subscription > Skip Next Renewal. You will only be able to skip before your subscription renews each month. We close off all Skip requests once the packing procedures start.

Q10 : Can I Cancel My Subscription?

A10 : Pls note if you cancel your subscription and wish to rejoin later on, you will be placed at the back of the waiting list again. All points that you have accummulated will also be forfeited. It is much better to Skip the month (and the bill), than cancel your subscription totally. You may Skip as many months as you wish. However, if you do wish to cancel, you may do so anytime before the next renewal on the 10th of the month. To cancel, log into your Account > Edit Your Subscription > Cancel Subscription.

Q11 : My Bag Hasn't Arrived, Where Is It?

A11 : After your bag is dispatched , it usually takes between 7-10 working days (sometimes a bit more) until your order is delivered. Unfortunately, we are not able to take responsibility for lost / damaged items. Please check all your personal information before placing your order. If you provide us with a wrong delivery address and your goods are signed for by another party, or lost in the post, we cannot be held responsible for any loss you incur as a result.

Q12 : Are The Bags Refundable?

A12 : No, once the bags ship out, they are strictly not refundable, nor exchangeable. Also, if you buy a block of 3/6/12 months, we would not be able to partially refund the block once your first bag has shipped. You may cancel your subscription, but this will be effective after all the bags from the block have been shipped out. We are however very open to any feedback, just email one of our friendly customer service reps here.

Q13 : I cannot access my account. What can I do?

A13 : Please make sure you try to log into the correct website. The website you should use is here . If this does not work either, please email stating your full name, delivery address and order reference number.

Q14 : What payment cards do you accept?

A14 : We accept only Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Please note if attempted delivery has been made but the receiver has not been home to accept the delivery and the package has therefore been returned to us, we cannot be held responsible for any loss incurred. However, once the bag has reached our warehouse we can reship the order for you for a shipping charge of $7.00.